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Nit-picking and obsessive...

Better fanfic through better spelling.

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This is ellenscult's other LJ. It's for posting (and reading and beta-ing) fanfic. I've been a technical writer since 1999 and typos bother me. Corrections aren't meant as aggressive criticism. They're made with the intention to be helpful. That they're also a reflection of my own nit-picking, obsessive personality is neither here nor there. But then again, that's why I'm a technical writer.

That said, nobody's perfect, so if you spot typos or other errors, please feel free to point them out to me - helpful feedback is very welcome and I promise I don't bite!

You're welcome to friend me, but be aware that I may not friend you back from this journal. If you want more of a social contact, hop over to ellenscult, which is where I stay in touch with my friends.

You can find my FIC INDEX here.